Stitches West!

I just got back from Stitches West, where I was lucky enough to be the guest dyer of Jeananne from Cerulean Orchid, fabulous designer of gorgeous crochet patterns! The booth looked lovely, set up as a Crochet Oasis (#crochetoasis!).  And the crocheters loved it! They would come in, realize they were surrounded by crochet patterns, and pull out their phones to show us projects they had recently finished.  More than once we heard how wonderful it was to have an entire booth devoted to crochet! 

Jeananne’s designs are innovative and eye-catching, and not always clearly crochet at first glance.  Quite a few knitters mistook the samples for knit designs, and Jeananne took that as a compliment each time.  “Crochet is moving in new directions,” she told one customer, “and I’m excited to be part of that.”  And so am I!  I am honored that she chose so many of my yarns to design patterns with–three hats, two gloves, a cowl, and a shawl!  Unless there are some I’m forgetting.  

Stitches West itself was amazing.  There were so many glorious yarns there, and I wanted all of them!  Seriously, ALL of them.  And the eye candy!  Wow. Seeing some of the things that people make with these yarns, it just blows me away.  Even when I would see herds of the same sweater all together (hello, Soldotna!), the color combinations would all be different and unique.  Plus, I got to meet Vickie Howell!!!  I may have fangirled a little.  But only a little! 

My yarns are going to be travelling with Cerulean Orchid for the next couple of months, going with them to Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle. (and maybe one other place?)  I will update you!    

For now, though, take care, and I’ll see you soon!   


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