What a Crazy World

Well, the world has certainly turned a bit crazier lately, hasn’t it?  And getting more so every day, it seems.  Right now, the shop I work in is still open, though we are mostly doing mail order business.  When I got to work yesterday, this note was stuck to the door: 

Later, as I was leaving for the day, I saw one of those library boxes stuffed full of bread for people who needed it to take home.  It makes me happy to see people looking out for one another as much as they can. Here at home, my chickens have started laying again and my daffodils are blooming, though mostly the ones hidden back in the fenced off camper area, of course!  Sometimes, focusing on the little spots of beauty seen throughout the day is what can get us through the tough times.

Lately I’ve been working to get my product photographed and into my shop as quickly as possible. It’s a little more challenging than I would have thought with everyone at home underfoot ALL THE TIME! We all seem to be fighting for the same limited space, and it’s been just bad enough in the weather department that I haven’t been able to take the pictures outside. I will keep chipping away at it, though, so keep checking back for more! 

Is there anything special you are doing to keep yourself healthy and happy during Social Distancing? I’ve been mostly working, but I have also pulled out a needlepoint project from last year, and am thoroughly enjoying it!  I’m also plugging away at the Easy Folded Poncho, by Churchmouse Patterns, made out of my own Charm fingering weight yarn. It is turning out lovely, but WOW is that a lot of stockinette! Share what you are working on in the comments!

I hope this post finds you and yours healthy and happy–or at least not too impatient with one another.  Remember, breathe, focus on the beauty, and go craft something!  Until next time, lovelies!

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