The One String is owned and operated by Brandie Bruce (that’s me!)  in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  My first yarn experience came as a child, when my grandma taught me to crochet. Now I also spin, knit, and dye the yarn and fiber!  I spend my days either working from home or a couple of times a week at my local yarn shop; and my evenings presiding over the fights of my kids.  I have four of them, and two grandkids- some combination thereof is always in combat!  My knitting time is in the magical quiet hours between five and seven a.m., and I occasionally like to sit down and play a video game…when I can find the time.

  This is me!

This is Wicket, my doggo and oldest helper, in her Primary Helping Position.




And this is Ming (the Merciless), our newest helper!  She’s about two years old, playful and cute, and incredibly full of ALL THE HALPS at 4am when I’m up doing most of my dyeing!  Or when I’m on the computer and she wants to snuggle.